Important Things to Know Before Taking Laser Hair Removal Procedure

There are various methods of removing hair like shaving, waxing and plucking, etc. to get a hairless and smooth skin. However, these all are temporary methods of hair removal but an extra expenditure can help you get permanent hair removal. This can be done with the help of lasers in which light is used to destroy the hair follicles and you get a clear and hair-free skin.

Before you decide to go for a laser hair removal you should acquaint yourself with various things which are very important to get satisfactory results. There are 3 main types of lasers – diode, Alexandrite and Nd: YAG and lasers diode vectus are good for a light and dark skin. Alexandrite is the fastest laser types and it is suitable for treating large body areas and Nd: YAG can be used for all skin types and also includes tanned skin.

  • It Is A Simple Process – It is not complicated at all. The laser energy is used to destroy the roots of hair follicles and the destruction of the root inhibits the production of hair in your body.

  • Works Best on Four Areas of Your Skin – Although laser hair removal works with every body part it is more effective on the areas like chin, lips, underarms and on the bikini area.
  • Who is suitable For Laser Hair Removal? – People who have thick, rough and dark hair are mostly suitable for laser hair removal which provides you relief from your large hair growth.
  • Stop using Specific Medications – The use of certain medicines should be stopped one week before the procedure, avoid the use of skincare products which contain retinoids and alpha hydroxyl acids.
  • Optimum Results obtained After 6 to 8 Treatments – Every individual has a different body and the amount of sessions required varies from person to person. However, an approximate number of about six to eight treatments is required for removing the hair completely.
  • Shaving Off the Area Before the Procedure – It helps in proper penetration of the laser. Waxing and bleaching should be avoided so that the roots of hair remain intact and laser can destroy them properly.

  • Applying the Sunscreen Lotion after the Treatment – Avoidance of sunlight is highly recommended and you should use an SPF to the area that has been treated with the laser treatment.


Thus, knowing about various things before laser hair removal guides you in the right direction to get the best results and a skin which is free from unwanted hair.

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